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What happens in New York?

This is a short story, it's called "Outdoor Dining Sucks and So Do You." By Eric Adams.

westawants we wuv:


1/ Rezdora 

2/ Crown Shy

3/ Oxalis

4/ bar pitti 

5/ Yakitori Torishin

6/ Manhatta

7/ Pietro Nolita

8/ Buvette

9/ Llama Inn

10/ Hibino

10/ (closed) Gentle Perch


40 (or so) worth reviewing; Alphabetically:

  1. Aita (Crown Heights) - Pasta is eh, vibe decent. Went w/ dad 1 Lauren 2

  2. Au Cheval (Tribeca) - Ok Burger - fine establishment. 

  3. Boucherie (Union Square) - Feel like you’re in a New York version of Paris. good food.

  4. Buvette (Greenwich Village) - Eggs something unearthly, lovely space, favorite kind of cafe.

  5. Buttermilk Channel (Carroll Gardens) - Delicious x 3. Chicken fried perfect, slaw, waffles. Popovers I’ve never seen before. Packaged really well for pickup. (Togo) fuckin terrific waffle, good chx sandwich

  6. Claudette (Washington Square Park) - Underwhelming, unexciting burger but very cute restaurant for Hamptons oldies.

  7. Court Street Grocer (Carroll Gardens) - Always top line sandwiches. Good brekky sandwich

  8. Crown Shy (FIDI) - Really great lettuce with shaved radish. Amazing dressing and sunflower. Lemon-thinner-than-paper in the asparagus salad. Delicious apple sorbet like biting into one.

  9. Da Andrea - Cozy little Italian joint between Union Square and Washington Square. Outside the film screening.

  10. Esposito’s (Carroll Gardens) - Top-tier old school deli. Eggplant parm to take home should be available everywhere to everyone.

  11. Fausto (Park Heights) - Exactly good but don’t even remember the meal.

  12. Frankie’s Spuntino 457 (Carroll Gardens) - A neighborhood restaurant to be proud of.

  13. French Louie (Boreum Hill) - Above average radish and butter.

  14. Frenchette - Is this a hot dog or a steak? Very cute place though.

  15. Gage & Tollner - Enough already. Beautiful restaurant, food mediocre. Martini lock.

  16. Gentle Perch (East Williamsburg) - Beef that slid off the bone. Suku drink always delicious. Amazing Chicken w/ waffles shaped like fish. (Closed 2021)

  17. Gramercy Tavern (Gramercy Park) - Professional tavern worthy of another visit.

  18. Gueros Tacos (Park Slope) - Gringo tacos for sure, but tacos were done with a little more care than average ish. (Closed 2021) Can still get at.

  19. Hibino (Brooklyn Heights) - Felt like real Japan.

  20. Hi Hi Room (Carroll Gardens) - Consistently delicious sandwiches, sliders, fries. Comfort food and fun vibrant atmosphere. (Closed 2023)

  21. Jacks Wife Freda - Worse than terrible.

  22. Joseph Leanord - the antidote to JWF, was served the penultimate “french toast”

  23. Kesté (FIDI) - Certainly as good as it is claimed or known to be. Very savory each night more savory than the last.

  24. La Rina - Really terrific Italian meal. Contemporary.

  25. Lore (Park Slope) - Park Slope exactly.

  26. Llama Inn (Williamsburg) - Peruvian elegante, potatoes three ways that taste like a firework. Lots of tang in the dishes.

  27. Lucali (Carroll Gardens) - Probably the best gourmet large pie of all time. Milky cheese.

  28. Maison Yaki (Prospect Heights) - Love made the skewers cheap (Closed).

  29. Manhatta (FIDI) - Really terrific food, especially the cutesy lobster roll. Unbeatable view and yumm drinks.

  30. The Terrace (Times Square) - Setting was unforgettably gorgeous, perfect for a fancy date. And actually quite a real good steak.

  31. Olmsted (Prospect Heights) - Very weird flavors and worth every penny.

  32. Oxalis (Crown Heights) - Fuxkin mackerel to start was the second piece of fish I ever loved. Michelin Fichelin EARNED (n/a drink program like off the hook)

  33. Pasta Louise (Park Slope) - Good.

  34. Pastis (Chelsea) - HIGHLY enjoyable and lively.

  35. Pietro Nolita (LES) - Pasta incredible tiramisu to bring home in a pan--was Best 'su in the City. Pink bright jivey.

  36. Pasta Louise (Park Slope) - Good.

  37. Provini (Park Slope) - Had a risotto cream dream. Italian, great neighborhood treat.

  38. PJ Clarke's (on the Hudson) - Bar so big you can dine in peace, guaranteed.

  39. La Pecora Bianca - Old reliable in a pinch. Good food, welcoming atmosphere.

  40. Queensyard (Hudson Yards) - Forgettable but beautiful space.

  41. Red Hook Tavern (Red Hook) - (Bib) The cheese was glazed to the burger cooked perfectly. The bun was crispy AND spongy. Kale salad was scrumptious. Fish and chips were the ideal.

  42. Rocco's Steakhouse - king it, homey had the escort one seat over

  43. Sweet Chick - locations, them buoys run the doordash show.

  44. Danny Meyer's BBQ Concept, blue smoke??? (Battery Park) - Nearly forgettable.

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